About MobIQ

We specialize in platform development and the development of intelligent cloud and mobile solutions.

We enable digital transformation to industries, based on intelligent networking of resources, their products, business interactions and consumers.

Our mission is to assist in the intelligent transformation of traditional pipeline businesses into business networks. We are focusing on disruptive platform design in information-intensive and highly fragmented industries, such as traditional resource-intensive industries, like forestry and logistics.

The platform business model we promote uses intelligent technology to connect people, organisations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem for facilitating the creation and exchange of value.

Contact Us

MobIQ d.o.o.
Ulica Juša Kramarja 41
SI-9232 Črenšovci

email: info [at] mobiq [dot] si
company registration number: 3861775000
tax number: 26273667
bank account 1: SI56 020120262014910, NLB d.d Slovenia.